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Share & Be the Church from wherever you are!

be the church online

In these times of social distancing, our souls cry out for connection. While our opportunities to gather in-person are limited, there are ample opportunities to Be the Church, together, from wherever we may be.

We invite you to:


Write letters, make phone calls, send emails to those you miss and care about. Realm is a great place to access contact information for our parish. Reach out to clergy if you are having difficulty accessing Realm.

Christ Church is blessed to offer online worship each Sunday. How can we lift up your prayer concerns? Submit them here or email them to clergy and they will be included as our community prays together.


All are welcome to join us on Zoom for "Show Us Your Mug," a chance to see each other's faces, chat online and feel what we know is true: God is with us. The Zoom link can be found in Realm, our online gathering place.


Using the Book of Common Prayer's Daily Office as a guide, consider writing or recording a daily devotion to share with others. Find tips below, get creative, and then submit your reflection to our communications manager, Jenny Fairchild

Tips to Create a Devotional to be Shared within the Christ Church Community

Some ideas...

  • Record audio on your phone or computer
  • Record video on your phone or computer
  • Write a devotion and attach a public video, song, etc.
  • Write a devotion and include art, photos, poems, etc.

Use the Daily Office Devotion as your guide:

The devotion could have these simples steps:

  1. Psalm. Psalms are musical by nature, and set our hearts for worship.
  2. Scripture. God is revealed in the holy words of scripture, truly and profoundly.
  3. Silence. It’s optional. Let yourself be silent for as long as it feels right; listen to your body.
  4. Hymn, canticle (biblical song) and/or Apostle’s Creed. Say whatever feels right, you are the prayer leader, we will follow and appreciate your selection.
  5. Prayers of the people/intercession.  Pray from your heart, for yourself or others, either aloud or silently.
  6. Collect/Prayer.  One idea is to turn to the Book of Common Prayer p.810 and peruse the prayers and pick one, you can’t go wrong.

Once you're done, send it to Jenny via email, Dropbox, or Google Drive at

Last Published: April 18, 2020 8:16 AM
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