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Our Strategic Priorites in More Detail


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Be the heart and hands of Jesus:  Our mission is to GO OUT and serve, and provide simple ways for everyone to participate.  Service is who we are and what we do.  We will nurture a culture of service and generosity that provides opportunities for everyone, according to their abilities.  For example, we will use our music and worship strengths as a springboard for service.  We will identify organizations and faith communities with which to partner.  We will look for opportunities where our passions and strengths align with community needs.  We will strive to be the heart of our community.

Nurture spiritual formation:  We will implement an approach to spiritual growth (worship + education + prayer + service) that changes the way we think and act.  To this end, we will broaden the purpose of small groups to encompass prayer, fellowship, and study.  We will foster connections between groups.  We will add groups geographically and encourage intergenerational groups.  We will care deeply for others – practicing the compassion of Jesus wherever we find ourselves, through pastoral care and satisfying basic survival needs.  We will rethink and redesign volunteer opportunities for the sake of greater engagement, effectiveness, and leadership development.  We will actively grow in faith together.

Provide radical hospitality:  We will reimagine how we reach and welcome guests, inviting them to connect with our ministries and build community together.  Welcoming and hospitality will become everyone’s role.  We will strive to develop authentic, Christ-centered relationships in our community and beyond.  Each ministry will create newcomer practices that invite, welcome, and connect guests into our community via easy entry points.  We will reimagine our internal and external communications to be proactive and strategic.  We will use our website as an entrance to the church that publicizes our mission in a current, fresh, and simple way.  We will design and pilot outreach strategies for millennials, all of our neighbors, and senior citizens.

A Note From Our Rector

"This is an exciting time for Christ Church!  Although our vision represents a change, it is one that will enable us to serve others, grow in our faith, and live and love more like Jesus every day. Our focus will allow us to meet the needs of the 21st century, while embracing our early Christian heritage. We won’t simply go to church, we will BE the church.

I look forward to our journey together."

- The Rev. Shirley Smith Graham


Last Published: July 20, 2017 9:05 AM
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