Holy Baptism at Christ Church

The sacrament of Baptism is a beginning. We begin a Christian life by being baptized. Through the water of Baptism we are born into God’s family, and we become part of the Body of Christ, the Church. We receive forgiveness of sin and new life in the Holy Spirit.

In scripture there are many stories about people being anointed with oil as a sign of God’s blessing, or as a sign of the responsibility given to them by God.  After we are baptized, we are anointed with oil as a cross is traced on our foreheads with the words, “You are sealed by the Holy Spirit in Baptism and marked as Christ’s own forever.”

The flame of the Paschal candle, present at all baptisms, symbolizes Christ as the light of the world and his continual presence with us.  During Baptism a candle is lit from the Paschal candle for each person being baptized.  This candle then becomes a way for us to remember our Baptism and can be lit each year on our Baptism anniversary, reminding us to be the light of Christ to others.

Christ Church celebrates Holy Baptism in worship several times a year. If you are interested in learning more or would like to schedule a Holy Baptism, please contact Adam Williams, Minister to Families.


Last Published: May 10, 2022 9:41 AM
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