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God is doing a new thing among us. As a church, we’re responding to seniors and neurodiverse adults who need modest-income housing. Why more-affordable housing? Because having a home is the stabilizer that makes everything else possible: taking care of your health, getting enough of the right foods to eat, leading a fulfilling life. It’s the 21st Century extension of Jesus’ teaching in Matthew 25:35: for I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me.

Why a housing ministry at a church? Because we have real life experiences inside the church that tell us it’s needed. If the church is the right location for worship, it’s the right place for living. Our chosen partners for this missional venture are the Better Housing Coalition (BHC) and Eagle Construction, and we are delighted with the high quality housing and expertise they bring to this new ministry.

The Purpose of the Living Community at Christ Church

We believe in the civil rights of all persons to have a safe, affordable place to live. In Western Henrico County, it is hard to find homes that are affordable. This is especially true for seniors and? neurodiverse people, some of whom encounter additional barriers beyond income. We envision a hospitable community of mutual support for seniors and neurodiverse individuals. We wish to host a community of inclusion in which differences are acknowledged and valued, not stigmatized. In so doing, we are being the hearts and hands of Jesus and practicing hospitality.

Why neurodiverse? We see brain differences instead of disabilities. These differences are normal, and neurodiverse persons are valuable, contributing members of our society, whose lives make all lives better.? We support each individual’s self-determination. People choose whether to claim? neurodiverse as a term that helps them interact with others in an empowering way.

We foresee future residents, seniors and neurodiverse persons, as being people who live in this community entirely by their own choice and not because others have chosen this option for them. All persons are capable of living independently with modest resident services.


For more information about the Living Community at Christ Church, please contact the Rev. Shirley Smith Graham.

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