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Q&As during the time of COVID-19

Our prolongued time of social distancing brings about many questions and ponderings about church-life are no exception. Clergy and vestry are compiling questions they've received where the answers may benefit the entire community. Below are a few of those questions and answers posted for your information. What other questions do you have? Please use this form to submit them. They will be reviewed and answers may be posted here (not attributed to your name.) Thank you!

Questions & Answers

Question: Is the church saving any money on expenses since we’re not doing ministry at the church?

Answer: Since we’ve pivoted worship and formation ministries to online, there is a small expense reduction. However, we still incur most of our expected expenses because most expenses continue: we’ve been able thus far to keep our employees’ compensation and healthcare benefits in place, buildings continue to receive needed care and maintenance, our IT infrastructure continues to be the circulatory system that keeps our body going, and we have been able to send outreach contributions to Area Congregations Together Serving (ACTS, provides emergency financial aid, shelter and social work support to persons in need), Shalom Farms (growing food for people in food deserts), Crossover Health Care (providing medical and dental care to persons with uninsured and underinsured persons), Habitat for Humanity (getting housing insecure people into permanent housing), FeedMore (providing food and Meals on Wheels), and the Diocese of Virginia (from which all our ministry comes and which has helped us during this pandemic.


Question: When will we be able to worship in person again?

Answer: We will follow the guidance of the Diocese of Virginia on reopening to in-person ministry. It may be that there will be a phased approach, by group size. When we do start gathering in-person, we will ask people’s cooperation following CDC guidance to safeguard each other, for example, keeping safe distances, wearing face covering, bringing gloves, etc. We won’t know until the health guidance is clearer. We have learned that our “virtual” offerings of worship and group ministry have been meaningful for people, and we will be evaluating what we can continue to offer even after in-person ministry resumes.


Question: Will Christ Church survive?

Answer: Yes, Christ Church will not only survive but thrive. Undoubtedly, we will do some things differently. This testing time has reinforced our understanding of who we are, whose we are, and what ministries are important. It’s reaffirmed some ministries that we already knew to be important and emphasized the importance of newly emerging ministry like our plans for providing home opportunities for a broad diversity of people. Depending on the effects of the recession and donor giving, some of our expenses may need to change. But Christianity is resilient, and Christ Church is no exception to that rule.


Question: Has Christ Church applied for the Payroll Protection Program

Answer: Yes, we applied through our bank, Suntrust/Truist. The program ran out of money before we were awarded the loan. We are waiting to hear whether we will make the cut now that the program has been funded again.




Last Published: April 29, 2020 3:54 PM
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