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Missions & Outreach Ministries

The people of Christ Church seek to be the heart and hands of Jesus by aligning our passions and strengths with organizations that are working to meet the needs of our neighbors— here in Richmond and far beyond. Because God’s work is the healing of the world, we wish to focus our giving on life’s fundamental necessities—without which the ability to live a healthy life and fulfill one’s God-given potential is impossible. Accordingly, we partner with organizations working to end hunger, provide shelter, enhance educational outcomes, and ensure access to health care. And because we long for an equitable and just world in which the need for crisis responses are the exception and not the norm, we support organizations dedicated to systemic, transformative change. Christ Church organizes a variety of volunteer opportunities for parishioners and we encourage everyone to serve as they feel called.

Please see below for more information and contact Laura Lafayette, Chair of Missions & Outreach Ministry Team, with any questions. Click here to read Laura's "Sharing Our Faith" witness.

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Current Opportunities to Serve

Medicine Drive for Haiti

A group of Richmond doctors, dentists, nurses, and other helpers travel to Haiti each year. They set up in a small town, Angouman, where people travel long distances just to get a little healthcare.  Haiti is a devastatingly poor area and is still struggling to recover from the terrible earthquake that hit there.  This team helped 1100 students and villagers on their trip last year. The are returning for yet another pop-up clinic and will be taking suitcases full of medical supplies to leave there.

From Cathy Taylor, organizer:

“One of the problems they have is you cannot just mail medicines there. If on a good day the mail would get to Haiti, it would be stolen as soon as it gets there.  o get around this they pack numerous suitcases and take the medical supplies with them. We donated a good amount of Omeprazole (generic for Prilosec) and Advil last year but it was gone in the first hour.  Their diet is not what we are used to and they have horrible heartburn/indigestion problems that then lead to other issues.
I thought it might help if we could gather more for them over the next couple months to take. They will start packing Mid November to leave for Haiti the end of November.  If you would like to join me in my goal to fill an extra large suitcase for them with the generic Omeprazole (you can get a pack for $13.00 at Costco) and Iron supplements, I would truly appreciate your help.” - Cathy


Questions?  • Please contact Cathy Taylor • 804-363-9173 •


Mercy and Justice for Neighbors Near and Far
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