Realm: Setting your Privacy Settings

1. Log into Realm at
2. Click YOUR NAME in the upper-right corner, and select Manage Privacy.

4. Select a family member (if more than one).
5. Click one of the buttons apply that setting to all information in the profile, or click Custom Privacy and select a setting for each field. Below are the suggested settings.

6. Click Save.

By default, the viewing of your personal and contact information is limited to members of groups you are in, group leaders, and staff members. You can adjust this setting and we hope you will share your phone and email address with the everyone in the church. This will make your contact information available in the directory. While you can hide the majority of your information from most of our parish, you should know that, regardless of your settings, contact data will still be visible to your church staff.

An adult family member can also change privacy settings for other members of the family.

Questions? We are here for you! Email or call 804-364-0394.

Last Published: August 28, 2017 1:29 PM
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