Realm: Get the Realm Connect App for your Mobile Device

realm app imageThe Realm Connect App is a great way for our church to connect together. We all know that being the church doesn't just happen AT church! Download the Realm Connect App and take your church life with you, wherever you go.


Directory: Look people up

When you need to contact a church friend, you can just pull out your phone and search for them in the Realm Connect app. You can also browse through the list of your entire church and look up someone’s family members. It’s a great way to put names to faces and learn more about the people in your church.

Messages: connect like never before

The "Messages" feature in the Realm App makes it easy for you to get in touch with people in our church. You can quickly communicate with members of a group or start conversations with one person or multiple people – just by searching for them by name. When you send a message, people will be notified by the app and can respond right away.

Posts: share life together

Life happens between Sundays. The newsfeed in the Realm app contains a personalized feed of posts, photos, and events from the groups you’re in. We post Christ Church News and you will also see posts from the groups you are in. You can respond with comments or show your support by tapping on the heart. People can share something with their group by posting a message, uploading a photo, or inviting people to an event.

Events: engage with what's happening

Churchwide and small group events are posted in Realm. In the Realm app, you can easily find events, RSVP, or access details like time and room location. We also post our the link to our worship live stream in Realm Events each week. 



1) First, you must set up a Realm account. If you need help doing that, please contact Laura McNally or any staff member. We are happy to help!

2) After you have a Realm account, download the mobile app by searching "Connect Our Church Community." This app is offered by ACS Technologies Group, Inc. You can find it in the App Store or Google Play.

3) *IMPORTANT* When you first open the app, scroll to the bottom and click "Already have an account? Log in here". Then log in with the account credentials you've already set up.

4) To manage your notifications, open the app and click MORE in lower right corner.

5) Click SETTINGS.

6) For each of your groups, select your preferences. That way, you get notifications for stuff that's important to you. You can adjust these settings at any time.


Questions? Let us hear 'em! Contact staff any time.
Last Published: September 23, 2021 9:27 AM
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