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Thank You for Sharing Your Voice and Your Vision!

The Rector Discernment Committee sincerely thanks everyone who took the time to complete the survey. The Congregation Assessment Tool© is a standard instrument that has been used with hundreds of churches. By using a standard instrument, our church will receive so much helpful data to use as we discern our next Rector.

Did you find it hard to imagine how the information you provided would be helpful to our search process?  We get it! The information we will get in the survey report -- generated from the responses you gave -- is useful on a number of levels.  It will help leaders get a comprehensive picture of where our church is now, while also guiding our leaders in determining the characteristics we need in our next Rector. The survey results will also help the team develop our church profile, a vital tool that enables us to find the right fit for CCE. And finally, the survey results will help our leadership manage the transition and provide a good foundation for the start-up of our next Rector. 

A survey is a lot like a camera.  It takes a picture of who we are as a church.  Like a camera, it is very difficult to guess what a photograph looks like from simply looking at the camera.  In the same way, it is difficult to realize the value of the snapshot taken of our church simply by looking at the questions in the survey. We invite you to join us in trusting the process and to pray for God's wisdom and guidance.

Are there questions you wish they had asked? Great! We want to hear them! Please reach out to any of the discernment committee members. They would love to hear from you. Personal contact information is listed in Realm, our online gathering place. If you need assistance in Realm, or would like to have contact information sent to you, please reach out to staff.

Rector Discernment Committee

Please remember in prayer these faithful disciples who are leading us through the Rector discernment process. They welcome your questions and comments at any time.

Committee Members

Kay Holmes, Chair
Chris Gurley
Shelley Nicol
Trish Palmer
Adam Raderer
Roge Smith
Sara Vale

We give God thanks for these committee members and their willingness to serve. As the group makes progress on this journey, we will be sure to provide you with updates and information.

Let Us Pray

God of change and transition, we ask your blessing as we move towards the call for a new rector. Help us to stay faithful and steadfast during this time of change – committing ourselves to prayer, Bible study, and regular attendance in worship. Please enable the discernment committee to offer its best God-given gifts of wisdom, compassion, compromise, and deep faith as we discern the best choice to lead our church. We thank you, Lord, for blessing this work in your Kingdom. In Jesus’ name, we pray.  Amen    

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