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In the Episcopal Church, the Vestry is the lay leadership body that guides and empowers all lay ministry of the parish. It has many responsibilities, the greatest of which is praying for the congregation and discerning, with the congregation’s input, the path God offers for Christ Church. At Christ Church, the Vestry consists of twelve people. Four persons are elected by the congregation each year at our annual meeting to serve three-year terms. Vestry Meeting Minutes can be accessed in our church's online platform, Realm, by clicking the Christ Church group and then clicking Files.  Please direct any questions to Garway Bright, Senior Warden, or Kay Holmes, Junior Warden. Contact information for vestry officers can be found in Realm.


Garway Bright, Sr. Warden

Kay Holmes, Jr. Warden

Scott Arnold

Jim Barron

Philip Cantone

Grayson Johnson

Laura Lafayette

Tracy Muckey

Roge Smith

Kathy Theado

Tom Tyler

Jen Wasik

Treasurer, Steve Rogers

Registrar, Gordon Macgill

Contact information for vestry members can be found in our online database, Realm.


New Vestry Members

The vestry is pleased to announce four individuals elected to fill the four vacant positions on our vestry beginning January 2020. Please join me in giving thanks for these talented and Spirit-led folks: Scott Arnold, Jim Barron, Kathy Theado, and Jen Wasik. 



Arnold"In the little more than three years that my family and I have attended Christ Church Episcopal, I have found the Church to be a place where people are committed to the teachings of Jesus and supporting one another. I have enjoyed participating in a wide variety of activities and watching my family do the same. Our church community is going through exciting times led by our vision “don’t just go to church, BE the church.”  I am drawn to serving on the Vestry to give back to a community that gives so much to my family.  It would allow me to utilize my diverse talents and skills obtained through academics, the workplace and life to help us strive to meet our vision." - Scott Arnold







Barron"Contributing to the governance of the church, be it management, finance, oversight, or in a leadership capacity provides a vehicle for deepening discipleship.  

 Christ Church has been my spiritual home for over 25 years.  I have witnessed or participated in many changes over these years, but the church remains a foundation for the exploration and distribution of our spiritual gifts." - Jim Barron

 "Even so you, since you are zealous for spiritual gifts, let it be for the edification of the church that you seek to excel."  - 1 Cor. 14:12







KMT Headshot"I have been teaching in the Boy Scouts God & Country program for a number of years. The past few weeks I have been working with high school aged scouts in the God & Life unit studying the conversion and ministry of Paul. We have spent a considerable amount of time discussing “answering the call” and the fact that God calls people of every ability into ministry. Personally, I have answered the call a number of times over the years into various ministries. When I received a very unexpected call this month, I realized that our God & Life studies and my own experiences were pointing me in the direction I am meant to follow." - Kathy Theado




Wasik"My family and I have been attending Christ Church for 17 years, and it has been the first church that has felt like a true church home for us. I have served on several of the  church’s ministry teams, including Children’s Ministry, the Youth Ministry Renovation team, the Preschool Board, and hiring committees. I have also enjoyed participating in fellowship groups, in particular the women’s Wednesday morning Bible study, and have made invaluable friendships while deepening my faith. One thing I’ve always appreciated about our church our willingness and change and evolve based on listening to God’s call and discerning His will for us.   I am looking forward to working collaboratively with the congregation, clergy, staff, and the rest of the Vestry to follow God’s leading for this next phase of our life together." - Jen Wasik 



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