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All are welcome in Worship at Christ Church Episcopal

Gather on the lawn Sundays at 10 AM or

When we gather for worship, we find our center. We join with others in sacred ways, offering prayer and praise, and leaving prepared to meet the week ahead. Worship at Christ Church is at once vibrant and contemplative: a combination of liturgy taken from Episcopal Book of Common Prayer, fused with fresh expressions and contemporary styles. We strive toward creative and meaningful worship and you are always invited to engage.

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OUTDOOR WORSHIP: SUNDAYS AT 10 AM (Weather Permitting)

We are thrilled to offer outdoor worship on our campus. We can safely accommodate 75 people, so please RSVP in Realm, our online community, or contact staff if you are a visitor. Visitors are always welcome!

At outdoor worship, participants may receive Holy Communion in one kind. “Communion in one kind” means receiving either the bread or the wine, but not both. Usually this is done for health reasons or during times of illness. For us, in the midst of the pandemic, it is for reason of health; to limit touchpoints where the coronavirus might be spread during worship. The good news is that our theology says that when we receive communion in one kind, bread or wine, we receive the spiritual benefits of the whole sacrament. Jesus is truly and fully present when we receive either the bread or the wine.

Holy Communion: What to Expect

What to expect – The Celebrant will have on the altar two trays with small cups, each containing one wafer. The wafers will be consecrated just like the loaves of bread we are used to. After the Lord’s Prayer, a prayer for Spiritual Communion for those who will not be able to receive the wafers, and an invitation to come to the altar to receive, the trays will be moved to two tables where you will be asked to come and select your own wafer-in-a-cup, while maintaining 6 foot distance between family units, and return to your seats to remove your mask and eat the bread. The cups can be disposed of after the service.

Know Before You Go

Please plan to bring face coverings and chairs or blankets. Ushers will assist you with socially-distant seating. We will try our best to use the shade provided from our glorious trees, but you may wish to bring hats or personal umbrellas for additional shade. If it is raining or supposed to rain, please stay home and worship online Sundays beginning at 10 AM. Thank you!

  • Please worship from home if you have any flu-like symptoms, or if you have been exposed to a positive COVID-19 case in the past 14 days.
  • Bring a face covering.
  • Bring a chair or blanket to sit on.
  • Bring water to help stay cool.
  • Consider wearing a hat or bringing a small umbrella for shade.
  • Family room for nursing and diaper changes will be available.
  • Restrooms will be available (one person at a time permitted).
  • Ushers will help you maintain a minimum distance of 6-feet between households.
  • Please stay home if it is raining or if rain is in the forecast.


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Gather online each week on YouTube as our worship service is livestreamed Sundays at 10 AM. You can also watch anytime after 10 AM that is convenient for you. All are welcome!  Visit our YouTube channel to worship online.

All are welcome to a simple and holy Morning Prayer service via Zoom. Get the link in Realm, our online community, or contact clergy or staff.

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When we gather for worship, we find our center. We offer prayer and praise and leave prepared to meet the week ahead. Worship at Christ Church is at once vibrant and contemplative: a combination liturgy taken from the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer, fused with contemporary and traditional styles. We strive toward creative and meaningful worship. Eucharist is a central part of worship for Episcopalians as a way to connect with God and each other. At Christ Church, Holy Communion is celebrated at all services in which it is deemed safe to do so.

During worship we gather with others to hear music, learn from the scriptures, and respond to the scriptures in prayer. Worship in the Episcopal Church is based on the Book of Common Prayer, a liturgical book that provides a foundation for how we worship and helps guide our practice.

Music is an important part of worship at Christ Church. Blending traditional hymns and contemporary praise songs, we are blessed with a vibrant and accomplished music ministry that provides inspiration and reflection for the week ahead.

On special occassions, we may alter our worship schedule. Please check our calendar before visiting us. If you have any additional questions about worship at Christ Church, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please click here for the latest information from the Diocese of Virginia.

Last Published: September 20, 2020 9:39 AM
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